Tips For Learning Web Design

Previously we talked to you on our blog, about trends in web design for today, the difference between a designer and a web developer, or some tools that you should try as web designers. But what happens if you are not yet designers? If you want to introduce them to the world of web design, thanks to the enormous amount of information available globally, learning web design is at your fingertips. In this post, I will convey a series of tips that I consider essential when it comes to learning web design.

Know the evolution of web design to the present

To design a web page today, it is not necessary to have experienced at the user or designer level, with the web pages of the past. However, knowing what it is and knowing what the web pages were like, the trends and how they have evolved over the last two decades. Also, if you want to learn web design, I recommend you to know the evolution of tools, platforms, code languages or applications used in recent years to date. All this will allow you to start from a coherent base, which makes your design can, for example, avoid falling into old trends, discarded functions … or use inappropriate tools for the final result you pursue.

Assimilate and understand the basics to learn web design

One of the mistakes made by many of the people who want to learn web design is to try to tackle the final result, without stopping enough in the basics, not only plan but also fundamental aspects of web development, such as HTML, styles CSS, graphic design, etc. It will not help us when it comes to learning web design, create an image if we do not know where to put it or frame it with HTML, want to mount a grid in Bootstrap to create a web page about it if, for example we do not know what is bootstrap or how to use it, want to apply a CSS animation if we do not understand the basic concept of CSS, style sheets, etc. And so with any basic idea of web design. Learning web design is accessible, but as in most aspects, starting the house on the roof without a solid foundation can lead your efforts to failure.